Let’s get something straight.

I’m exactly who I say I am. I am exactly what the title of this blog is about.

My name is Jacquelin, but you can call me Jackie – or Jack. I’m a single lady doing this “life” thing by her own rules. The hours between “adulting” I spend my time dedicated to the pursuit of financial freedom, fitness, and having a damn good time.

I was once told that the best way to “put myself out there” was to actually… put myself out there. There are those who will follow you, support you, love you. Then there are those who will call you a fraud, break you down, and laugh at your failures.

This is how to deal with it. All of it.



You do not have to have ANY qualifications to write a blog.

I suppose it helps though.

I am a chronic dreamer with the heart of an entrepreneur.

I will try anything once, and I view failure as falling forward – because at least I tried.

To “bullet journal” it out so you can get a sense of who you’re reading is:

  • Grew up in an LDS home –> no longer practicing mormon.
  • Oldest of 4 siblings (6 if you count the step siblings I never see).
  • My parents are divorced, and separated when I was 14 years old.
  • I have a deep desire for financial independence and freedom.
  • I graduated high school thinking I would attend a 4 year university and get a corporate job. I didn’t. I graduated high school, attended 3 quarters at a local community college, and then quit.
  • I have had a LOT of jobs: hair salon reception/retail, Starbucks barista, Toyota dealership concierge, Patient Registrar in the emergency department at a large hospital, Hostess at a restaurant, admin assistant at a temp agency, barista at a “Bikini stand”, veterinary receptionist, veterinary assistant, independent cartoonist, nutrition consultant with a large pet food manufacturer, Beachbody coach, and an in-home whole pet health service provider.
  • I’m a serial monogamist with a history of poor relationship choices. Ranging from a boyfriend who broke my nose, one who encouraged me not to go to college, one who was in the military (or two), a nurse/paramedic/firefighter, a day-trading control freak, a partying banker, an illiterate electrician, and of course I did the whole: Plenty of Fish, Match.com, Tinder and Bumble apps.
  • I am not afraid or above exposing my struggles, triumphs, fails, and wins.
  • I’m a 30-something, single, female, living in Seattle with my cat and dog and every day I’m hustlin.
  • I just want to stop surviving and start thriving.

relate much?