Learning to Choose Love over Fear

I am participating in a “40-day guide to miracles.”

Sounds silly, right?

As I get further into the program I’ll check in and share my story with implementation & experiences.

I have been on this long road. Twisting, turning, hitting pot holes, getting flat tires, running out of gas – for far too long.

I seek guidance to help me in this journey and pray for answers or strength along the way.

I stumbled. Okay, no I didn’t. I’m full of shit when I say that.

I diligently sought after counsel that would help me learn to eradicate the rumination of negative thoughts.

One powerful message I kept running into was that we have the CHOICE to CHOOSE love over fear.

Why is that everywhere? Why does everyone write about, read about, sing about it?

What’s the big effing deal?

If you believe in the power of manifestation – this is for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about being the director and starring actor in the movie that is your life – this is for you.

If you’re stuck in a vortex of self-deprecating negativity – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE – get help. (just kidding, but really.)

I am absolutely NOT an expert, nor will I even pretend I am.

I am simply a girl, on a journey, looking for help & answers. Searching for tools I can gather along my way to help me in this life.

That’s how I found, “May Cause Miracles – a 40-day guidebook of subtle shifts for radical change and unlimited happiness.” by Gabrielle Bernstein. (If you don’t know who she is… seriously, google her. I want to be her best friend. Her intellect, ideas, and love for everything is overflowing and I am absolutely addicted to following her. It’s weird, I don’t care.)

I am on Day 3 of this 40-day guide.

So, obviously – I am a novice. I honestly have no credibility when it comes to things like this, I REALLY AM just sharing the information I’m receiving. **don’t shoot the messenger, ok?**

  • Where there is fear, there is no love.
  • The more you choose gratitude, forgiveness, and love – the more miracles happen.
  • Each moment you choose love over fear, expect a miracle.
  • When you commit to practice something for 40 days, you’re actually changing the neuropath ways in your brain.
  • Self-love is crucial to your happiness.
  • Fear is holding you back from romantic bliss.
  • Fear is blocking your financial abundance.
  • Be a miracle-worker, share with the world.

I was encouraged to find a safe space, my meditation space. To have a journal, and to commit to an act of self-care daily over the course of the book.

So far, my meditation space seems to be the stool I sit in at the kitchen table. (Don’t judge me, they’re pretty stinkin’ comfortable.)

My journal is getting it’s $$ worth! Thanks, Megan. I find that by keeping a journal nearby it allows me to jot down little notes, nuggets of wisdom if you will, that I can use as tools and things to reflect back on.

My self-care routine is lacking. Not gonna lie. In the 3 days I’ve been doing this I haven’t really given myself the time or space to take care of myself. I did however, take a bath the first night. But then my phone rang and I got distracted… go figure.

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

Pretty cool, right?

Learning how to change my perspective in living and reconnect with love is challenging for me.

I love a good challenge.

Love is not necessarily a romantic love. Love is simply a presence of inner power. Our purest, most powerful state of being is when we can keep fear in check (that tricky bastard!), and learn to come from a place of love.

*MAIN OBJECTIVE: Your task is not to seek for love, but to find the blocks against it.*

Did you know that the ego is synonymous with fear? That our ego must be surrendered and we must be humbled to allow for bigger things to come?

How about that love will enter into the mind immediately to whomever seeks and desires it?

“Today I am the witness to my fear. I open my heart and mind to see how I have chosen fear over love. I will see myself as if I am standing across the street ahead, peeking into the world I have created. I will witness my fears run the show. I will pay attention to my patterns & without judgement, will become conscious where my mind chose wrongly & where my fear-based thoughts have tainted my happiness. I know this practice is the first step to uncovering my destructive habits and create a powerful change. I am ready, willing & able to look at the delusional thoughts I have been projecting.”


Mic Drop.

I am willing to witness my fear.

  • What triggers my fear?
  • What thoughts create fear?
  • What feelings come over me when I am in fear?
  • How does fear affect my behavior?

I am willing to see things differently. I am willing to see love. I am willing to surrender to love.

I get it – this sounds so hokey.

You think I’m full of shit. But honestly, if you’re coming from the place I am, then believing in something is all you need.

I wrote a list of all the times/why I had fearful thoughts yesterday.

Yes, even the stupid ones like, “Not being able to find a parking space.”

I was reminded that I am “willing to see love instead.”

I had a lot of bombs dropped on me yesterday. By that I mean, information that made me FEEL a certain way, where I was fighting the urge to feel a different way. I was diligent in reminding myself to check my ego, put my fears aside, and come from a place of love.

I did fairly well – minus the feelings that arose when some jerk couldn’t parallel park and hit my car. Damnit. Way to throw off my vibes, not cool.

Learning to see that fear is an illusion and that love is real can significantly change your perspective on things. Learning that there are things in my life I look upon and think, “Love did NOT create this,” is challenging.

I struggle with changing my perspective from negative to positive. I TRY to see the positive. I speak the word. But for some reason, negative thoughts love to fill my head and provide me with hours of rumination and self-deprecation.


Learning that change is tough, self-reflection is difficult. How much time and energy have I put into feeling like shit though? Our fear-based minds prevent us from showing up for love.

Making a conscious choice to choose and see love instead is hard.

What’s harder?

Continuing through life making decisions from a place of fear instead of a wild, un-abandoned love for myself and the life I choose.

Until next time,



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