Regular watering & indirect sunlight

I get asked often how I manage to keep my plants alive.

How is it my orchids bloom again after all the flowers have fallen.

Why I save “dead” plants when others would have given up and thrown them in the trash.

Regular watering & indirect light.

I surround myself with plants.

Currently, from where I’m sitting on my couch I count – 2o plants.

That doesn’t include the ones in my bedroom.

11 of those are orchids. Most of which I have had the privilege to see bloom again and again.

I find peace and joy in seeing what was once almost gone, grow and bloom into something beautiful.

It is a constant reminder to myself that when I am feeling lost and down, I must remember what I need.

Regular watering & indirect sunlight.

Regular watering is doing things to feed my soul. 

I find joy in reading, listening to music, going for walks with my dog, painting my nails.

That first cup of coffee in the morning on a day off.

Resting my head on a companion while we sit on the couch after a long day.

Enjoying a home-cooked dinner and admiring my handy work.

Indirect sunlight is surrounding myself with those who force me to grow.

Sharing honestly when confronted with an uncomfortable subject.

Connecting with those I can learn from and actively seeking mentorship.

Spending time with my family. Mom, Scott, Brothers, nieces & nephews.

Laughing with my best friends.

Actively engaging with strangers.

Smiling more often.


So here I lie. On my living room floor.

Graced by the rare beauty that is the sun on an otherwise cloudy pacific northwest day.

I applied my “party pink” LipSense, that reminds me of my friend, Cara – who is so far away.

I make lunch plans with charming young man who inspires my soul to fly.

I prepare for the visit of my best friend who I haven’t seen in over a year. A girl who can walk THROUGH the walls I have surrounded myself with over years of pain and disappointment.

I say goodbye to a best friend as she embarks on a new journey in Houston. One where her family can make roots and grow.

I move forward and close a chapter with another friend who must spread her wings and fly without me.

I watch as my furry companions nap peacefully, basking in the heat of the sun through the windows. Watching their bellies rise and fall in their slumber. I am reminded that we were put here for each other. That without them – I would not be who I am today. Without me, they would have a different life, or maybe not one at all.

I sip coffee from one of my favorite mugs. Grateful I have the funds to support my caffeine addiction.

I will burst through the concrete. Because there is hope in all things.


Until next time,



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